2GIG-GSM/CDMA Module with ANT1 Antenna


The 2GIG Technologies Cell Radio Module uses CDMA cellular technology and is for use with the 2GIG Go!Control security panels currently using GSM modules. The module CDMA module is designed to provide long-term network support and broader coverage through the Verizon network.

This Radio Module gives the central station panel two-way voice ability, allows for delivery of the latest over-the-air firmware updates, and allows for the transmission of security and automation info to online portals*. In order to work the Go!Control Panel must have firmware of 1.9.5 or higher.


Product Facts

  • Provides 2-way GSM/CDMA radio
  • Cellular Telephone module
  • Small Size
  • Antenna installs inside Control Panel
  • GSM/CDMA Sim Card
  • Plugs into GSM module
  • Enrolls with cellular service provider
  • Plugs into Control Panel
  • Locking connector

“My experience with your company has been: no hassles, no problems! I have gained peace of mind, when it comes to keeping my place secure and under control! I appreciate your service and your follow-up! Thank you for not just leaving me hanging, even after I purchased your product!” - Brandon Locatell


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